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InterCloud, the expert in software-defined cloud connectivity, has been chosen by Sodexo to better control its cloud connectivity. Sodexo has taken a new step forward by moving from a "Cloud First" strategy to a "Cloud by Design" approach. With the help of InterCloud, the company now considers Microsoft Azure as an extension of its own data centers.


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The challenge

In 2018, Sodexo launched a project to migrate half of its 2,000-2,500 applications onto the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The project's challenge was to turn the public cloud into a true extension of the company's data centers, without letting the migration of an on-premises application to Azure have any impact in terms of availability or performance for end users. The technical solution was to provide direct network links to the Microsoft data centers for each geographical region using ExpressRoute.


Client benefits

Sodexo's IT department didn't want to manage all the ExpressRoute network links to Microsoft data centers for every region of the world where the company operates.  InterCloud provided a fully managed global solution that, among other advantages, could be controlled by API. This allowed Sodexo to have visibility and control of all its Azure links through software-defined connectivity services. 

Why InterCloud?

  • Simplicity: End-to-end managed service (one portal) and dynamic routing management (BGP) between Sodexo users and Microsoft Azure data centers.

  • Performance: Strong SLAs for connectivity to Microsoft Azure.

  • Security: Private connectivity available worldwide, plus additional NFV network security services.

  • Control: Availability of a portal and API for link monitoring, facilitating a software-defined network approach.

  • Technology neutral: A provider that's neutral vis-à-vis network operators and data centers, keeping contractual commitments to a minimum.


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Florent Trécourt

"In September 2018, we compared different offers and selected InterCloud, on the one hand for its ability to provide a managed service overseeing all of the ExpressRoute links we wanted to deploy, and on the other hand, for its capacity to manage all of our points of presence, which is something the other operators couldn't do." 


Florent Trécourt Global Network Architect, Global IS&T , Sodexo Group