Cloud interconnection providers, Megaport and InterCloud, have joined forces to offer the market a new and unique range of fully managed, end-to-end services that enable global enterprises to connect cloud resources with maximum security and versatility and remove the complexity around last-mile connectivity.

Over the last three years, global enterprises have been faced with the increasing complexity of dealing with multi-cloud architectures and geographically diverse applications. As they focus on the development and deployment of mission-critical applications, large organizations struggle to achieve the coverage they want and the end-to-end service performance they need.

By combining their expert capabilities, Megaport and InterCloud have removed the geographic and technical interconnection barriers holding global enterprises back in their cloud adoption. Large organizations can now instantly build secure and reliable connections to any cloud or multi-cloud destination.    

InterCloud will be able to extend their reach through Megaport’s global footprint spanning 700+ data centre locations and providing access to 200+ cloud onramps. The combination of the Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) solution and the fully-managed InterCloud Platform further extends customers’ networking capabilities. Using IPSec, SD-WAN, local loops, or co-located ports –     enterprises can now deploy the cloud interconnections that match their compliance requirements, with end-to-end private connectivity and security components as a service.

 Megaport's Cisco and Fortinet SD-WAN integrations grant branch locations with access to the InterCloud Platform. Once connected, customers will have several options to expand their SD-WAN. The InterCloud Platform’s virtualization capabilities provide additional security and visibility features. With very limited additional effort, a customers SD-WAN will provide full access to end-to-end multi-cloud, multi-path connectivity.

Rodney Foreman, Chief Revenue Officer, Megaport, said, “We’re looking forward to our increased collaboration with InterCloud and being able to deliver a secure, high-performing end-to-end network infrastructure. Customers will benefit from extending their reach into more global markets and out to the edge through our joint networking capabilities.“

Jérôme Dilouya, CEO and co-founder, InterCloud, said, “InterCloud is pleased to collaborate with Megaport and be further powered by its industry-leading technology and services. We welcome the benefits provided to us by not only its world-class products, but also its expanded connectivity infrastructure around the world, which will help us further improve our managed cloud connectivity global service.”


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About Megaport 

Megaport is a leading provider of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions. The company’s global Software Defined Network (SDN) helps businesses rapidly connect their network to services via an easy-to-use portal or open API. Megaport offers agile networking capabilities that reduce operating costs and increase speed-to-market compared to traditional networking solutions. Megaport partners with the world’s top cloud service providers – including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud – as well as the world’s largest data center operators, systems integrators and managed service providers. Megaport is an ISO/IEC 27001-certified company.

About InterCloud

InterCloud is a leading provider of Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect (SDCI), providing secure, end-to-end, managed services. InterCloud’s API-centered platform helps businesses simplify and accelerate network operation, with a high level of performance and transparency for corporate resources distributed across multiple locations and different cloud providers. As a premium partner to the major cloud service providers – including AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and Google Cloud – InterCloud delivers optimal connectivity solutions. 

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