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Swiss insurance firm
la Mobilière manages Cloud
connectivity with InterCloud

Main topics:

  • The omnichannel customer experience
  • Transparent monitoring of all cloud
  • Technology-driven companies rely on
    the cloud

Photo de profil de Thomas Kühne

"Digitalization gives us leeway to focus on our core competencies: developing
customer-focused products and, most importantly, to be there personally for our customers when they need us,”

Thomas Kühne,
Chief Information Officer
la Mobilière

Enhance service flexibility


Integrate SDCI services into the DevOps lifecycle thanks to their enhanced flexibility and speed of deployment.

Reach any Cloud, anywhere


Seamlessly interconnect a soaring number of Multicloud resources and deliver interconnect-as-a-service to users worldwide.

Rely on experts


Benefit from the expertise of our cloud networking engineers to deliver fully managed secure solutions.