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SCION Technology: Transformation and Optimization of your Connectivity

This paper summarises the findings of Swisscom's test of the SCION technology for future optimised international connectivity. 

Why Swisscom, Anapaya and InterCloud did this Proof-of-Concept tests: 

When the Internet was designed, the focus was on the openness and scalability of the technology. Security was not a priority, and traffic routing security flaws still exists over BGP protocol. 

One such example led to an incident in 2019, where European traffic was re-routed over China, where traffic inspection and data leakage occurred. 

In today’s world, where digital information is critical to the development of businesses and governments, this scenario is unacceptable yet all too common. We wanted to find a way to boost the security of the public Internet so that the incidents described above can be avoided.

By implementing the SCION protocol on an international connection, we are confident that we can enhance security and obtain greater control over how the data is transferred on the public Internet.

In this Proof-of-Concept test:

InterCloud uses SCION to power their cloud connectivity and was utilized in the comparison due to cloud connectivity becoming standard in business. With dual SCION and regular networking capabilities, they are good test partner for the purposes of the Proof of Concept.

A comparison will be made between modern Internet connectivity and Anapaya's SCION solution.

In terms of our Proof of Concept, the SCION protocol will be directly compared to regular Internet connectivity. It was estimated that SCION would be able to provide a superior connectivity experience to the Internet as we know it.

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